Sunday, May 01, 2005

Hernando County: Bring on the Storm

From Bay News 9:

Last year's busy hurricane season caused a lot of problems around Hernando County in addition to trees being uprooted and streets getting flooded.

Many county employees weren't sure where they were supposed to be, what they were supposed to be doing or if they needed to go to work. So, county leaders are creating a policy to make sure there is a plan in place so county employees know what they need to do if another storm rolls through.

"I think from top to bottom it will provide a lot more information,'' County Administrator Gary Adams said. "The public should have a bit more ease of mind anyway if another event happens that they know all these services will be covered and we'll have people to take care of it."

Adams also said the new policy will clear up a lot of confusion that occurred last year so people can get the help they need. The plan should be ready to implement in several weeks just in case this year's hurricane season gets off to a busy start, Adams said.

Another issue the policy will address is how the county's 800 employees will be compensated if they work overtime or during the weekend or evening.


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