Wednesday, June 15, 2005

County Electrical Companies Updates Hurricane Preparations

Source: Hernando Today

The county's two major electrical power companies have fine-tuned their hurricane preparations in anticipation of any storms which might come Hernando's way this summer or fall.

Withlacoochee River Electric Cooperative and Progress Energy officials said updating their preparedness guidelines should result in faster restoration of power in case of widespread outages.

``We're ready for any event that should occur, even multiple storms,'' Withlacoochee Electric spokesman Ernie Holzhauer said.

Holzhauer said the utility has trained more employees to assess storm-related damage in the field. Their reports will allow Withlacoochee Electric to move trucks, contractors and other restoration equipment to the most needy areas, he said.

Progress Energy, too, has taken steps to improve efficiency.

``Our response to last year's hurricane season set the bar very high, but we are ready for whatever comes our way,'' said David McDonald, Progress Energy Florida's system storm coordinator.


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